Ambulance/Medic 501, 501B, 501C, and 501D
All of the ambulances are setup the same and are "medic capable" for any Advance Life Support (ALS) call. Each units has Life Pack 15 with 12 lead capable defibrillators with Blood Pressure and Pulse Oximitry add-ons, AutoVent 2000 Automatic Ventilators, portable suction units, hot packs for heating intravenous fluids and glucometers are all standard equipment on each unit. We carry portable oxygen tanks and one onboard tank. Each unit carries a baby car seat.

Rescue 501
1997 Spartan Gladiator/American Fire and Rescue 18' walk-in box. This unit is the pride of our fleet. Rescue 501 is capable of handling extrications, rope rescues; confined space rescues, and assist with fire ground operations. This truck is equipped with a 20 kilowatts generator and Command Light, light tower. This unit also has been given the name "Rolling Toolbox" due to the amount of equipment on board.

Utility 581