Did you know?

  • That the GMVRS is an independent non-profit (501(c)(3) organization with its own Board of Directors and Officers, that has worked cooperatively with the City of Manassas since 1966 to provide pre-hospital care for its residents and those in the surrounding area.

  • That the GMVRS owns the rescue squad station at 9322 Center Street, along with much of the equipment housed in that facility. Each month the mortgage payment and utilities bill come due.

  • That GMVRS volunteers give approximately 2,800 hours of their time to our community every month.

  • That it takes over 130 hours of formal training and passing a state certification test before a volunteer becomes a basic Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B), and an additional 40 hours of formal training to acquire skills in CPR, infection control, hazardous materials awareness, and incident management before a volunteer meets the educational requirements to get past their probationary period.

  • It costs the GMVRS approximately $3,000 to train and equip each volunteer to become an EMT.

  • That in addition to their formal training, it takes a volunteer approximately 3-6 months to complete a formal "preceptor" program to learn and demonstrate proficiency of the over 50 medical directives and protocols issued by the Medical Director at Prince William Hospital for pre-hospital emergency care.

  • That the GMVRS augments the City of Manassas Fire and Rescue Department by staffing an ambulance nearly every night from approximately 6pm to 7am and on weekends - adding to City's capacity to deliver emergency medical services during times when there are fewer paid career staff on duty.

  • The GMVRS saves the City's tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in salaries that would be needed to staff an ambulance during the times currently filled by volunteers.

  • Currently, there is a need for funds to purchase replacement EMS safety uniforms, IT equipment to maintain the Squad's communication network, as well as to fund many other Squad activities.

  • That the funds received from the City of Manassas to support the GMVRS do not fully meet its operational needs and must be raised from other sources, including the receipt of tax-deductable donations. If interested in making a donation or using this site to link to Amazon.com to do your shopping (benefiting the GMVRS), please see below.

  • That it's only through the support of our community, the GMVRS will be able to maintain its vital role as part of the City's emergency response network. ThankYou!

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