Becoming a member

Have you ever wanted to give back to YOUR community?

Being an EMT is a rewarding and exciting opportunity. Emergency Medical Technicians respond to all types of emergencies; from auto accidents, to injuries, to sicknesses, to cardiac arrests. Everyday presents a new challenge. Imagine flying down the road with sirens blaring, cars pulling out of your way, and the dispatcher alerting you with information about the situation ahead. Your training kicks in and you tell the crew in the back of the ambulance how to prepare for the emergency. Once you arrive on scene, you take charge and help the individual in need. Depending on the situation, you may transport the patient to the hospital or render aide on scene. Once you clear the call, you think to yourself "I just helped someone today."

So how do become an EMT for Rescue Company 1?
You start by filling out an application available here. Bring your completed application to the station and we'll show you around. This will give you the chance to see the equipment, meet some members, and ask any questions you may have. Next, a volunteer from our membership committee will contact you to arrange an interview. Don't worry; this is not a serious job interview - it's an opportunity for us to get to know you and for us to tell you about life at the station. Then, you'll attend a company meeting which are held once a month. If the company believes you will be an asset to the organization, you will be voted in as a member of GMVRS. You are now considered a trial member.

So now you're a trial member of the station, now what?
After being voted in as a trial member, the real training begins. You are required to attend several classes that will prepare you to be an EMT. After the required training, you will be allowed to ride in the back of the ambulance and participate in emergency calls. Don't worry though; we know you're new and all the members are willing to help you learn. After getting some hands on experience, you will be signed up to attend an EMT class. If you study hard, you'll pass the Virginia State EMT Certification with ease.

Congratulation!!! You're now a certified EMT in Virginia. What's next for me?
You did it! You passed your EMT test! Now it's time to put all your book learning to practical use during your precept. This program is designed so you can show off all your new knowledge and prove to the station leaders you have what it takes to be a lead EMT. Once you finish the program and the station leaders are comfortable with your abilities to take charge of an emergency call, you can staff an ambulance.